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                          • About Us

                            About Us

                            Company introduction

                            IAudiolabs from Germany is a committed to the professional audio DSP technology and intelligent network system technology research and development company, focus on high-end audio DSP technology research and development and the network system design more than 10 years, adhere to the customer as the center, based on striver, continuous innovation based on customer demand, product subvert our music experience and top DSP customization service won the high-end users of the world's respect and trust, and steady growth for the world's leading technology of Internet of things technology and high-end audio network device suppliers. IAudiolabs Chinese service team will provide the best technology for China customer service and product support.

                            As the world's leading audio DSP technology and the Internet of things intelligent system solutions provider, we provide top intelligent household device manufacturers, business, engineering and consumer to provide the most competitive high-end audio products and intelligent system services, help customers in the field of Internet communication, intelligent high-end audio to be successful. We adhere to the focus strategy, to professional audio DSP technology, the cloud data center and intelligent terminal areas such as continuous r&d, driven by customer needs and cutting-edge technology innovation, the company has always been in the industry forefront, leading the development of the industry. More than 50% of employees engaged in innovation, research and development. IAudiolabs in intelligent discrete type intelligent network of the world's leading position in the music system.

                            IAudiolabs actively committed to the sustainable development of social economy, the use of information and communication domain expertise, bridging the digital divide, let everyone enjoy the high quality of intelligent life; Our efforts to ensure the safe and stable operation of intelligent system, help customer and improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption in all walks of life, to promote low-carbon economic growth; We carry out the localization operation, build a global value chain, to help local play value in the world, to achieve win-win of the whole industry chain.

                            We firmly believe that: the future will be a whole world. IAudiolabs with partners together, opening up and cooperation, and strive to build a more efficient integration of digital logistics system, promote people, people and things, content and content of comprehensive interconnection and blend, inspire everyone at any time, any place of infinite opportunities and potential, to promote progress in the world.
                            Customer service is the only reason iAudiolabs existence, customer demand for the development of iAudiolabs is the driving force. We adhere to the customer as the center, rapid response to customer demand, customers continue to create long-term value for customers and achievement. Provide effective services to the customers, is the direction of our work and value evaluation scale, achievement on the customer is our own.
                            In order to adapt to the information industry is undergoing a revolutionary change, iAudiolabs around customer needs and leading technology continuous innovation, opening up and cooperation with industry partners, focus on the structure to build for the future of information channel, continue to create value for customers and society as a whole. Based on the value proposition, iAudiolabs devoted to enrich people's communication and life, improve work efficiency. At the same time, we strive to become a top high-end intelligent household and business intelligence system of the first choice and the best partner, become a brand loved by consumers around the world.

                            Investor relations

                            Focus on iAudiolabs, win in iot. Send on E-mail
                            Pay more attention to products and technology solutions please iAudiolabs's official website. This site is only Audioplay brand's official website.


                            Audioplay series is iAudiolabs for vehicle intelligent HIFI music system independently developed products and brands. Commitment to the global owners to build the most intelligent high-end car audio experience, can let the customer in the hustle and bustle of life have their real music space and comfort presence of music enjoyment.
                            Audioplay Shark series products launched in the global sales, this website is only for mainland China. If you are the United States, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) customers, please contact our local service providers (service center of the United States and Germany) for service support (please email if you are a distributors iAudiolabs or through our website cooperation)

                            Contact us

                            Research and development Center
                            Ecolab-Allee 5
                            40789 Monheim am Rhein, Germany
                            Tel.: +49-2173-99321-0

                            United States
                            382 Laurelwood Road 
                            Santa Clara, CA 95054 
                            Tel: 408-380-4567, 408-738-1751, Ext 1112

                            Asia Service Center
                            Address: Floor 4, Wandelai Building, High Tech Park, Nanshan Disctrict, Shenzhen, China
                            Fax: 86-

                            Mutual cooperation with you partner
                            If you have the car industry resources and are interested to become our partners or local products, please contact
                            3d和值300期走势图 QQ: 34343100

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