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                      1. Products

                        Wireless Shark Smart Car Subwoofer

                        Shark BOOST top car HIFI series intelligent overweight subwoofer

                        BOOST top car HIFI series intelligent overweight subwoofer
                        SHARK BOOST top intelligent vehicle HIFI system window:
                        * without any modification, immediately realize the car top HIFI
                        * top DSP HIFI system, shock sound subversive
                        * smart systems, the user

                        Introduction :

                        SHARK BOOST top intelligent vehicle HIFI system:


                        3d和值300期走势图BOOST is a combines SHARK and overweight subwoofer to meet limit bass enthusiasts to provide intelligent HIFI products, in a SHARK

                        Top provide shock mega bass sound function complement, no bass unit models for rock bass impact!


                        3d和值300期走势图* without any modification, immediately realize the car top HIFI


                        3d和值300期走势图* top DSP HIFI system, shock sound subversive


                        * smart systems, the user mobile Internet sharing, real-time synchronization.


                        * unlimited source of sound, ordinary MP3 can achieve more shock than CD and lossless audio pure sound


                        3d和值300期走势图Smart APP wireless system

                        1. Support android, IOS system.

                        3d和值300期走势图2. Support Windows * (optional) different countries


                        Top DSP decoding and sound processing technology

                        3d和值300期走势图1. The 32-bit / 64 double-precision floating-point DSP, DSP core Audioplay patent audio processing technology

                        3d和值300期走势图Will be treated as ordinary MP3 audio decoding after more than CD and other nondestructive music pure sound quality.


                        2. The 32-bit / 64 double-precision floating-point DSP sound processor, professional 32 bit high precision DAC


                        Mega bass unit

                        1. With mega bass unit, power transient of up to 1000 w

                        2. Low range of audio sound: 10 as low as 10 hz - 120 hz can descend

                        iAudiolabs Shark series products are designed to meet the demand of the best car intelligent HIFI building intelligent technology, this system has the world's top car aura of HIFI system, also is the pronoun of luxurious top-of-the-line car audio system.

                        (a owner's voice and understand China market)

                        Many car owners will be mistaken for ordinary car (definition (China) : less than 500000 RMB, 200000 RMB more than brand cars for ordinary cars, and less than RMB 200000 car called the walking vehicle) of the horn is not very good so the sound quality is not too good, here only to say the fact, is the same brand of ordinary family car speakers don't like a brand of luxury car (more than 50 WRMB) speakers so well.


                        For example soar team/passat magotan trumpet actually all is very good, of course not as good as the horn in Volk-swagen's audi and porsch, but misses the point here is that these ordinary car horn is already good enough. Just because of this error, also result in many owners like music will use modified car horn of ten thousand yuan.

                        Here we introduce a good music needs which a few parts


                        1. The sound source, is we should put the song itself is better sound quality. Actually 320 k MP3 sound quality in same conditions generally to the human ear is difficult to distinguish with CD quality. This is why high quality MP3 became mainstream music compression.



                        3d和值300期走势图2. Audio decoder, this one is to determine whether your music good sound core, the same sound source (the same song) different decoder solve the reduction of audio data. Comparing an ordinary MP3 and professional

                        3d和值300期走势图DSP decoded audio conveniently. Ordinary MP3 decoder and professional DSP, of course, the price also differs very far.


                        3. The speaker, this is the final expression, of all sound the human ear to hear the best sound which is judging from the pronunciation of this last, the same horn and the same song, different decoder solution, the effect will be far out and it is the better speaker


                        Or audio sounds, the greater the gap. So in the horn quality reaches a certain extent, the quality of the car horn is actually pretty good still, general car owns six to eight speakers), the quality of sound decoder core lies in the car. But it's a piece of


                        The cost of in car multimedia system accounts for a large proportion, so the luxury car are generally general decoder, cannot achieve good results.


                        Based on the above analysis, we can see that the core is to improve the stereo effect to improve the decoding process. Generally our owner will do

                        3d和值300期走势图1. Choose to replace the horn, under the same decoding to achieve better effect. This method usually has certain promotion and many mainly in high and low sounds, real quality won't have too much nature of ascension. Because the decoding without replacement.


                        2. Change the horn and decoding, the cost is very high, of course the best effect. But is it true that the effect is very good, depends on the change of trumpet and decoding.


                        3d和值300期走势图Above modification has certain improvement, but if just replacing the horn, is to do less than nature sound of improvement, and high cost. If the horn and decoding the processor will change cost is higher, of course the best effect, for luxury car gens HIFI fever is still worth it.


                        3d和值300期走势图Audioplay characteristics

                        1. Use double 32-bit DSP realization of decoding and sound processing. Professional audio DSP decoding and sound processing realize subvert our experience of sound quality, to achieve the effect of shock.


                        2. The embedded  32-bit network processor, with 128M/ 256MB memory, bring their own wireless WIFI network, build vehicle intelligent local area network (LAN).


                        3. Mobile phone connected with the car personnel, users can through Audioplay handheld software open control intelligent HIFI player all the features, choose sound source, etc.


                        4. FLASH large capacity storage, up to 256 gb, user can easy to their songs or inside the car phone other friends on the phone/computer/tablet songs downloaded to the device.


                        5. Infinite source of sound. Through a smartphone APP can play songs from the inside of the device, but also can find and play all links to the WIFI network all mobile phone/tablet/the song on the computer.


                        Discrete type is a no boundary of network audio system.


                        6. Has the cloud interaction, and other functions, the future owners of HIFI experience the Gospel. The development of science and technology leader.


                        3d和值300期走势图Audioplay build the car intelligent wireless WIFI network HIFI, achieve high quality at the same time satisfy the car all members between control based on intelligent mobile phone and mobile phone audio out. Each mobile phone can realize songs and browsable Audioplay player inside the car all songs within WIFI link to intelligent mobile phone, and can choose to play control, etc.

                        Shark professional audio DSP allows you to the car into a real theatre


                        As for more intelligent function and shock sounds, users still need their own experience.

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